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Mik Pellicci (Buzzmik)



Salesforce and Trailhead.

I have been a devout follower of Salesforce for the past 3-4 years and in the last 18 months earned a few Trailhead badges and attended the Salesforce 211 Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins (September 2016). I am using various study materials Trailhead which gives you a change to see if you have  learned anything by passing the tests to give points and badges.



A comprehensive on line course with short quizes at the end of each section along with links to current updates on each subject. There is a mock exam at the end not quite there yet (Almost).

Focus On Force

Again a comprehensive course an you can purchase some practice exams onse this is finished on the last 3 sections. Fundamentals (Salesforce Book Version9.1  August 2015)

This has been a great book with working examples have created a dev org just for the book I am at the Reports and Dashboards section second last so almost there with this.


Reports and Dashboards with Lightning

I have just started reading this and yet to comment I purchased it as a digital download.



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I am continuing on my Salesforce journey and am available to small to medium sized business to clean or update your system on a ad hoc or temporal basis for rates and availability please contact me using the form below (Please complete all sections before sending).

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Trailhead Accreditations

Accounts and Contacts Build a Battlestation App Change Management
Chatter Bascis CRM Basics Data Management
Data Modeling Data Quality Drucker School-Business Performance
Formulas and Validations Impact of Unconscious Bias Leads & Opportunities
Quick Start Lightning Process Builder Quick Start Reports and Dashboards Quick Start Visualforce
Reports and Dashboards Salesforce Basics Salesforce Cloud Benefits
Salesforce Ecosystem Salesforce Platform Basics Salesforce Success Model
Salesforce Technology Basics Salesforce1 Mobile Basics Service Cloud Basics
Spring 16 Release Summer 16 Release Winter 17 Release
UI Customization User Management Products Quotes and Contracts
Lightning Experience Build Your First App  Winter 18 Release
Data Quick Start Apex Quick Start User Authentication