Untapped Energy.

I have had an interest in alternate energy for most of my life, as I am not fond of wasteful practices.
I recently came across the name of Nikola Tesla who lived during the lifetime of Thomas Edison,
I’ll bet you any money that you do not know what Nikola Tesla was famous for? Yes the stuff that lit
Edison’s light bulb – AC power, electrical motors, as a matter of fact, more than 66 patents were registered
by him during his lifetime. If you are reading this then please visit this site (www.rexresearch.com), where
you can get more information on more people who are ‘forgotten heroes’. If you are a young person or a mature
person and are adventurous like myself, then try out some of the ideas you will see there. There are lots of
examples of cars which run on electricity, hydrogen and water on Youtube. Go and have a look at some of them,
they inspire me to have hope for technology that can help the masses to have what every human being on the planet
should have: Power. Free power to keep warm, cook food etc.
You can visit the site above and buy the DVD which has added content other than the web site content so far I have been
reading the contents and there is lots and lots to get through.

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  1. freepower says:

    I have read just some of the articles on this web site and we have had cars that run on free energy for years the problem with this is it is FREE or costs relatively little. If you purchase the DVD there is extra documents which will give some better ideas If you decide to make any of the gadgets keep it to yourself do not tellANYONE

  2. freepower says:

    Quoting Tesla:
    The scientists, from Franklin to Morse were clear thinkers and did not
    produce erroneous theories. The scientists of today think deeply,
    instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly,
    but one can think deeply and be
    Quite Insane!

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