Will This Work?
These plans were sent to the Spirit of Ma’at anonymously, from someone who does not
want his or her name printed (for obvious reasons).
We have had them checked by an expert who believes that they are real.
We also have talked with another individual who has patented a similar device, and we know
by personal experience that the technology is sound.
So although we cannot guarantee it, we believe these plans will enable you to build a car
that runs on water. If you test it out, though, do as the writer suggests and use an old car
that doesn’t represent a loss of value if you can’t make it work. And leave everything
intact so that you can always reconnect back to gas if you have to.
But if you do get it working, please send us your experience for our readers. You could be
a national hero and help save our country and our world.
We know for certain that an automobile will run on water. So this could be an interesting
project for you mechanical types, with a great reward of never having to purchase gasoline
for the rest of your life – and helping humanity at the same time.
Re The Need to Rustproof Your Exhaust System
It is possible to make a hybrid of both gas and water (a system that is being tested now in
Mexico), which would eliminate the need to open the head and remove the exhaust system.
Just a thought. It takes only a small amount of gas to keep the system dry.
The text sent from the anonymous individual was edited slightly for better reading. The
following is his/her words and drawings, which has been given into the public domain.
– Spirit of Ma’at LLC
It is suggested you try this out to begin with on a second vehicle you own, one that you
don’t need to live with everyday, until you perfect this technology.
Do-it-yourself plans allow the individual (that’s you and me, folks) to make a difference.
This is the easiest and lowest-cost way to convert your car to run on (relatively) free
Now, with existing technology, anyone can stand up and make a difference by reducing the
local automotive pollution, eliminate gasoline expenses, help restore our atmosphere, and
breathe a little easier.
In putting these plans into operation, you will be making use of your entire existing system
except for the fuel tank and the catalytic converter.
The Plan
Build and install a low-cost alternative method for running your vehicle (internal
combustion engine) on tap water, using off-the-shelf components.
This is simply an efficient way to convert ordinary tap water into gaseous hydrogen and
oxygen, and then burn these vapors in the engine, instead of gasoline.
This “minisystem” runs easily from your existing battery and electrical system, and it
plugs into your carburetor with simple off-the-shelf fittings.
You will be installing a plastic water tank, a control circuit, a reaction chamber, a hipressure
carb/FI fitting, and 3 gauges, and then hooking into your existing carb/FI.
The simplicity comes from its being an “on-demand” system requiring no fancy storage or
plumbing. You crank the gas pedal or throttle, and you electrically create more vapor for
immediate consumption, on demand; low-high flow rate as needed, from idle to maximum
power. The only real change is that you are using tap water as fuel, instead of the
traditional petroleum-based fuel.
Given a choice, which way would you choose?
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does it really work ?
A: Yes; this is well-established technology dating back to stainless steel. But be sure to
follow these instructions using the proper mechanical and electrical assembly techniques,
as this plan incorporates the best qualities of several techniques.

Anyone interested in trying this contact me I live in the UK.

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