Tesla’s Engine A New Dimension For Power


In closing, a short biography of a researcher is presented who was able to
make the transition from closely held, though erroneous ideas, to a
True Energy Awareness.

The discover of deuterium, or heavy water, Nobel prize laureate
Professor Harold Urey (1893 -1981), was one of the first and staunchest
supporters of the use of nuclear power for electrical energy production.
He was one of the prominent scientists to witness the hydrogen
weapons test conducted at Bikini Atoll.
Professor Urey was dedicated to an effort that would exploit this power
for the benefit of man and spearheaded a campaign devoted to the rapid
establishment of nuclear power for electrical generation.
As one of the world’s most respected spokesman for the nuclear theme, it is
significant to note that by the early 1970’s, after a spiritual and intellectual
awakening, he was totally convinced of the folly of his previous convictions.
Warning bells rang out in professor Urey’s psyche as he realized that
the nuclear poisons could not and were not to be contained. He predicted
that this demon, which he had once embraced, would devastate all
human life on the planet without even a single detonation of a nuclear device.
Professor Urey began to sound the alarm bells in the scientific
community with a fervor unknown to his previous nuclear promotions.
His message, however, was falling on deaf ears.
Professor Urey explained that environmentally derived energy production
in unlimited quantities had been proven a reality, therefore negating
any need for atomic power on earth.
He accused the scientific community of being blind to the true and simple
facts of energy, stating that nuclear scientists are like children, not
knowing the true value of currency. Thinking they are richer with
many pennies, rather than a single piece of highly numbered paper.
Tesla’s Turbine Engine is one of these highly denominated but
ignored devices to which professor Urey was making reference.
Professor Urey was, like Tesla, a scientist of the highest integrity.
In both of these men’s lives, truth reigned supreme over ego.

Quoting Tesla:

The scientists, from Franklin to Morse were clear thinkers and did not
produce erroneous theories. The scientists of today think deeply,
instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly,
but one can think deeply and be
Quite Insane!

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